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한국어 직원 모집 
^Stretch your idea into actual sculpture with us!!

^AD!! ^DESIGN!! is our Work and Life

광고/디자인 Agency에서 열정있는 직원을 모십니다. SUDA CO LTD는 호주와 한국의 자본으로 설립된 “Professional” 과 “Fun”을 모토로 운영되고 있으며, 회사는 여러분이 Global Standard를 갖출 수 있도록 Training을 제공할 것입니다.

▷Communication & Dealing with local supplier, factory, etc.
▷Communication of AD concept & design for implementation.
▷ 관련된 통역/번역 업무
▷Survey trends, cost information and support manager.
▷쾌적한 근무환경 및 외국문화어 언어의 발전기회 제공.

한국어로 원할한 커뮤니케이션 능력 (회화 및 작문).
MS-Office 사용능력(Word, Excel), 책임감과 꼼꼼한 일처리 능력.
Team Player.
[우대요건] Not must but plus+
한국유학 경험자. 대기업 근무경험자
Graphic Tool 사용가능자. 영어회화 가능자.
광고/홍보 회사 근무 경험자. 사무실 인근지역 거주자.

[근무 조건]
쾌적한 근무환경 및 외국문화어 언어의 발전기회 제공.
Study Support(전공분야, Design, Language)
주5일 근무. 업계 평균보다 높은 급여 지급. 급여는 경력과 능력에 따라 협의.
해당 Position에 관심있는 분은 한국어나 영문으로 된 이력서/자기소개서를 max@suda.com.vn 으로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

Korean Speaking Staff 
^Stretch your idea into actual sculpture with us!!
^AD!! ^DESIGN!! is our Work and Life

SUDA Co. LTD. is Advertisement / Promotional Design Company, which is founded by Australian and Korean resources. Our office is operating with cultural motto of FUN!! and Professional!! together with local talents. Now we are looking for an outstanding staff who supports our sourcing and implementation function in the company. This position shall communicate with various local suppliers and manufacturers for various projects.
▷Dealing with local supplier and manufacturer. Interpretation & translation.
▷Supporting management by researching and reporting tasks.
▷Fun environment with chance to learn foreign culture and language.

[Essential Criteria]

Sufficient business communication in Korean (Verbal and Written)
Ability to use Ms-office(Word, Excel)
Person who has good attention to detail and good communication skill.
[Supplementary Criteria] Not must but plus+
Person studied in Korea has plus.
Working experience in big organisation has plus.
Working experience in AD Agency or Promotion Company has plus.
Ability to use Graphic tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D program, CAD, etc)
English communication skill is not essential but plus.
Person who is living near the office/ around district 7 area.

[Working Condition]

5days work / week. Salary is above industry standard. Salary level is varying upon possessing experience and performance.
Company provides continual learning support(Language, Design, etc) and you will be worked in multicultural, multinational environment.
If you are interest in Advertisement and Business in dynamic environment, please send your Korean or English Resume to max@suda.com.vn or contact to 090 380 1450. Cheers!!

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